Monday, February 21, 2011

Test Episode

Just click on the episode below so you can view it UNOBSTRUCTED by the menu to the right. That's right... CLICK ON THE EPISODE and you'll get to see it in it's full-frontal glory!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Halloween Party"

This print features Richard and Brad preparing for a night! costumed fun at Kyle's annual Halloween Party! The only question is, who will win the costume contest? Richard's jester outfit looks like it may have some strong competition from Brad's imposing gladiator costume! Let's just say.... looks like this one may be a tie!

This 8" x 10" print is in full color, printed on high-quality glossy Kodak paper. Matted and bagged in protective mylar, it is ready to hang as is, or to be framed if you desire.

The price is $36.00. You can order by clicking on one of the the links below. (Please note, if you are ordering just one print, click on the link that says "WITH SHIPPING FEE"). If you are ordering more than one print, you only need to click on the "WITH SHIPPING FEE" link for one of the prints. The shipping fee for one print will cover multiple prints.)